What is Jet Fuel Strategies?

An Industry-First Fuel and Handling Service Purchasing Tool you Can’t Afford to Not Explore!

Fuel makes up for roughly 60 percent of your operating costs, while thankfully being one of the few expenses you can control. So why use Jet Fuel Strategies when purchasing fuel? We provide to you a powerful tool to land the best fuel price, with a twist! We offer the following, which you’ve seen before:

  • One Simple, User Friendly Search Solution, Comparing Retail to Contract Fuel Options
  • View ALL your Fuel Vendors Bids in a Real-Time, Mobile Friendly Format
  • Keep Track of Your Fuel Orders, Uplifts, and Purchases
  • Our Optimizer Tankering Solution is the Best Tool for Calculating Uplifts based on Waivable FBO Fees!
  • Integration with your Scheduling Software is Possible, Providing These Features and More!
  • Over 150 Popular FBO Direct Locations through our Supplier Networks
  • Track your Non-Fuel Related Handling Fees as well! Many departments, this can be a huge chance for savings, make sure you’re capturing it!
  • Full-Service Reporting. Ability to Create Custom Reports Right From the Site!

Full Procurement Management

Here’s where it gets really fun! While most of our competitors have the same search tool, what sets us apart will be your ability to access our own vendor contracts to use alongside your own! What does this mean for you?

  • If you fly into a location that has a better price through a different vendor you may not have, you can take advantage of that through our long-standing vendor relationships!
  • No more wondering if you’re getting the best price!
  • Ordering is as easy as pressing a button.
  • No need for another lengthy credit approval process
  • We here at Jet Fuel Strategies Verify the Fuel Release is in Place, then Audit the Fuel Price so you don’t have to
  • We handle any disputes that arise with the Supplier
  • We’ll negotiate on your behalf at popular destinations, or future bids.

In a nutshell, we help with the complacency that come with assuming one vendor always has the best price. Our service provides all the best that Contract Fuel has to offer, without the uncertainty.

So let us help save you money while providing the best customer service that keeps your cost savings at the forefront of our attention.

Test Flight

Fuel pricing searches are not our only tool, we also offer full fuel procurement, credit services, invoice and accounting services, and fuel optimization searches. So why settle for a simple fuel search function when you can go with the company whose main goal is your cost savings and satisfaction. Call us today at 440-323-4220 or drop us a line at fuel@jetfuelstrategies.com.